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Based in the beautiful Haute Savoie in France, we deliver Responsive Web Design to local businesses, but what is responsive web design?

It is a new approach aimed at crafting websites to respond or adapt to the format the user is surfing from, whether they are sitting at a desktop in the office or surfing on their smartphone on the train.

One website for every screen.


According to Mashable (an authority on these things), in August 2018, 17.4 percent of all global web traffic came through mobile devices.

That means nearly 1 in 5 people that visit your site are driven crazy trying to read and navigate your hard written content and beautiful photos.

It’s time to bring your website up to date and make it not only accessible from mobile, but specifically designed for mobile!


Together, we can bring your website bang up to date in very little time and at a price that’s easily within reach.

With our content management systems, you will be in full control of all your content and can update your website instantly and without any difficulty.

It really is as simple as a walk in the park.

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